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As a major player of this evolution, we have established our corporate mission:
SPEEDCOM SERVICE mission: Provide immediately service solutions that enlarge our people and businesses trade reaching their full potential and produce a range of Malaysian computer service center in immediately at service provided.

Computer service is the heart of SPEEDCOM SERVICE. We continue to invest in our No 1 in Malaysia Service center and Development so that we are always able to provide immediately services to people and businesses. Highpoint is a convenient one-stop shop for carry-in services, providing Speedcom Service users direct and easy access to technical support and expertise. The center welcomes IT products carry-in for general servicing, maintenance, repairs or upgrades.

To provide quick solutions, repairs and prompt attention for your computing needs, Alternatively, customers are immediately advised if their machines require major repairs or upgrades that require more than two days to complete – there’s no time wasted for customers.

Mission and Value

  • The SPEEDCOM SERVICE mission is to grow into an ASIA renowned Malaysian computer services center provider by delivering the best servicing for its customers. SPEEDCOM SERVICE aims to achieve this mission by beyond service of :-
    1. Price performance excellence
    2. Best-in-class service
    3. Built long lasting business relationship
    4. Rapid turnaround time
    5. Dedicated, highly-trained staff

Our Services
Service is of utmost importance to SPEEDCOM. We continue to refine our service management process to ensure customers receive our best services and quality solutions cost effectively.

Long-term Relationships
Whether they are our customers, media, shareholders or consumers, we believe in growing with our partners at all levels. Relationships with those key stakeholders are one of the most important factors of our continuing success.

All SPEEDCOM employees share the same sense of purpose. We thrive under pressure and we look forward to challenges. And all of us are working to accomplish the same mission, to empower people with immediately service provided solutions.

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